Pag Island – Ideal Children’s Holiday in Croatia

If you are looking for an exciting, comfortable and safe family holiday at the seaside, a holiday on the Croatian island of Pag is the right choice. Pag has pleasant weather, a unique atmosphere, and a wide range of lovely and safe beaches suitable for small children. In Croatia, you will find three types of beaches – rocky, pebble and sandy. Sand beaches are not very common but you can enjoy them on Pag.

Holiday lettings on Pag are located near secluded coves and crowd-free beaches along the rugged coastline. The island’s population is not particularly dense and the atmosphere is peaceful and pleasant.


Bridge connecting Pag with the mainland

You can get to Pag by ferry and via a road over a bridge, which connects the island with the mainland.

Beaches and Swimming on Pag

The warm azure sea is accessible from a variety of delightful beaches located near busier resorts, such as Pag, Novalja and Povljana, and in the vicinity of quiet towns, including Stará Novalja, Mandre and Šimuni. For complete privacy, go to Potočnica to find a nice and likely very empty beach.

In stark contrast to Potočnica, Staško is a popular and fully serviced Blue Flag beach. Set among pine and oak groves in Novalja, Staško has a sandy shore and a short rocky section. Hundreds of visitors come here for the clear water and the high quality of available services, which include umbrella and beach bed rentals, showers, playgrounds, cafés, bars and restaurants.


Šimuni beach

Another lovely beach on Pag is the sandy and shallow Čista plaža located near the town of Mandre. Your children will love the seashells and pebbles washed up by the current. On Čista plaža you can enjoy delicious food and drink right on the beach and watch the panorama of the Velebit mountains in the background.

Pljanka, another sandy, family-friendly beach with shallow water is found in Stara Novalja. You can buy a drink or rent a sun bed and an umbrella while your children play on a water slide.  Party goers and water sports enthusiasts like the pebble and sand Zrće beach, where discotheques stay open long into the night and where you can enjoy many water attractions, such as a wakeboarding simulator.

Water Sports on Pag

Pag has great conditions for windsurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing and other sports. There is a wide range of rental shops offering sea kayaks, jet skis, diving equipment and other gear including bicycles. You can pick up a snorkelling set and explore the marine life, which is especially diverse in the quieter areas on Pag Bay. pag-harborIn Mandre, you can observe crabs, anemones, red starfish, mussels, sea urchins, yellow sea sponges and octopuses, while you swim among dramatic underwater cliffs decorated with colourful corals and seaweed.

Trips on Pag

To tourists interested in exploring, Pag means a lot more than great beaches. History buffs will visit the historical town of Pag. Nature lovers will appreciate natural lakes, caves, depressions and other karst features. Everybody will admire the unique rock formations in Ručica Canyon. You can also go to the northwest of the island, which hides a grove of more than 1,500 ancient olive trees. It is situated in the towns of Lun and Tovarnele and is a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. You can also witness cheese production at the famous Gligora cheese-making farm near Kolan. The most renowned Pag cheese, a popular souvenir, is produced here. You can also take a ship to the nearby islands of Rab, Lošinj and Kornati, or hike through the spectacular canyons in Krka National Park.

Bonus for Your Health

The beneficial effect that Pag’s climate has on our health is the greatest bonus of your holiday here. The air on Pag is humid and has a high salt content due to the combination of the dry, cold wind currents coming from the Velebit mountain range and the humid air coming from the ocean. The resulting steady climate on the island is beneficial for breathing, which is particularly appreciated by visitors with allergies or asthma. Another natural health resource is mud from the area of Lokunje. Mud baths and mud wraps with therapeutic properties are suited for people with rheumatism and skin problems. You will be surprised with just how perfect a destination the island of Pag in Northern Dalmatia is for your family.

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